Friday, June 3, 2011

New and few

Isn't it such a wonderful feeling to meet someone who is genuinely amazing? In the past few days I have befriended a woman who is so interesting and is so interested it is refreshing. With her being at such a young age of 28 it is truly extraordinary the accomplishments which she has made, it seems as if she has already led a life of someone twice her age. I am truly Lucky and honoured to have met such a fascinating person and do hope to continue this new found friendship and to also meet more people like her in the near future.

Yours Sincerly.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well after being interrogated at 'The Body Shop' whilst job hunting I don't even know if I want to work there. Although every where else turned me down 'The Body Shop' did show an interest, but who wouldn't after me bullshitting my way through the whole on the spot interview. But I suppose it's better then nothing.

Ultra Neon

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just like every other day, today has been filled with laying around with the boyfriend and looking for a job, honestly I feel as if I'm stuck in a loop. But what ever, I may as well enjoy it while it lasts.
In other news I have realised I am OCD about more things then I originally thought want a list?
1. Door has to be closed when I sleep.
2. Closet door must be closed when going to sleep.
3. Bed has to be made every day with plushies in a particular order.
4. Hair has to be up in order to sleep.
5. Room must be orderly, everything has it's place.
Most of my OCD's happen when I'm about to go to sleep and I have noticed new ones forming too... but really I don't even mind them. It doesn't really effect the way I live my life at all.

Ultra Neon

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It has occurred to me today how much time I actually waste doing nothing. I mean don't get my wrong I love laying around and being fat but really? I should be out seeing the country doing something that contributes to my future.

That's really all that I've figured out/ thought of today.
So for now.

Ultra Neon

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still There!

Today the inevitable happened… Yes I started painting again. I am unsure of what triggered this sudden passion but I believe this was unavoidable.
For those that are unaware, many years ago I had an uncanny love to paint, resulting in my success as an artist. Soon later though that infatuation died, and I found my vibe for music.
Within my break I had struck a sudden lack of enthusiasm and decided I would never paint again, because of the fact that it brings me boredom and is no longer an interest of mine.
Thinking among those lines I decided due to my unemployment and lack of excitement I would try again.

I can though see a turn of events in the future, but for now with time on my hands the artist has been reborn.

Ultra Neon

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The start of something new.

To be honest, on many occasions I have attempted to start a blog, yet I have often failed due to the lack of inspiration which I have received. That being the case my willingness to start off a career within the writing industry simply can't take place. I've often pondered on the thought that one day I will have my name known, but given the fact that I am indolent and filled with an overwhelming act to misguide my thoughts, I am afraid that this dream of mine will perish along with the rest.

This being my final chance to begin and actually start my own personal blog, I will promise myself and my followers, I will not let this one wonder like my last.

This is the beginning of my revealing.

Ultra Neon